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Expat Stories

We have put together these journey pages based on real stories of over 2400 people we helped along the way, we hope you can identify with some of them and let us help you start your own journey.

A retiree couple holding hands while standing in a lush, flower-filled field, conveying a sense of peace and companionship in their golden years.

Retiring in Spain: Sunsets and Siestas

Roberto Martin: Embracing the Next Chapter of Life


Entrepreneur: Pursuing New Business Horizons in Europe

Integrating Business with Cultural Richness

Independent contractor

Independent Contractor: Embracing a Fresh Start in Spain

Software developer specializing in AI technology from Silicon Valley

Happy female person enjoying indoor resting activity on the sofa and wearing eyeglasses.

Freelancer's Journey: Embracing the Spanish Lifestyle.

A Harmonious Blend of Work and Culture in Spain

Digital nomad

Digital nomad: A New Chapter Under the Spanish Sun

From Los Angeles, working in the film and advertising industry

Remote business owner

Remote Business Owners: Growth and Well-being

From Canada to enhance quality of life and expand the business into the European market

Highly qualified professional

Highly qualified professional: Personal and Professional Growth

Software developer from Mexico embraced the vibrant tech scene and welcoming culture

Golden visa investor

Investor Visa (Golden Visa): A Gateway to New Beginnings 

From Venezuela, a visionary couple deeply entrenched in the world of imports and exports

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