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We are a relocation and integration service for expats moving to Portugal and Spain

We've helped over 2400 expats and their families find the right solution for their new lives in Portugal and Spain. Whether you need help with taxes, visa applications or simply getting to know which cities might fit you and your family best, our team is here for you. Let's moviinn together!

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moviinn exists to allow people to fully experience the profound benefit of a relocation, which is usually overshadowed by the stress of moving, the logistics and bureaucratic nightmares, and general anxiety about starting over. moviinn handles all these challenges so that you can enjoy your new life and experience all the excitement of moving.

Meet our team

Get to know the team of experts who will be supporting you during your relocation journey.

The ability to change, adapt and innovate is what gives us the edge to succeed

James Muscat

Founder & CEO of Moviinn

I am also an expatriate, so I fully understand how important it is to find the right people to rely on when moving abroad. At moviinn we make sure that every part of the relocation process is covered: from applying to a Visa, to taking care of your taxes, finding the right school for your kids, and so much more. What sets us apart is that we are passionate about helping others to find the perfect place to move in: the right city, the right investment plan, the perfect home. And we tirelessly work until we know you feel safe and welcome in your new found home. And our team's ability to change, adapt and innovate is what gives us the edge to succeed.

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Experts behind the scenes

Join us in this behind-the-scenes journey as we introduce you to the passionate experts who form the core of Team Moviinn. We share insights into our comprehensive process and the guiding principles that drive our service. We take you through real-life scenarios of how we partner with knowledgeable sources and provide a directory of essential resources for moving abroad. Join us as we guide you through the path of discovery, helping you acquire local knowledge and grow into your new surroundings.

Portugal team

  • Julia Jarzebowska

    Senior Account Manager

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    Julia, born in Poland, lived in the UK and has been living in Portugal for 12 years. A Senior Relocation / Account Manager for over 8 years. Masters in Tourism and Hotel Management. A highly motivated and results oriented professional within relocation / immigration, tourism, customer service and real estate sectors in Portugal. Julia has a proven track record of providing exemplary levels of service to a multinational range of high profile clients and families.

  • Nikhil Divecha

    Chief Financial Adviser

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    Nikhil, born in Mumbai, studied between India and Germany. CFO | ex-UBS Investment Banker. Lived in India, Germany, France, Singapore, Mexico and Portugal. Has 12+ years of work experience in financial services strategic & operational finance, investment banking, fund management, capital raising advisory, deal making & execution, advisory for technology based startups.

  • Ricardo Dias

    Real Estate Specialist

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  • Raquel G. Roque

    Lawyer - Corporate & Tax Law

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    Raquel has more than a decade of experience in various legal areas; Litigation, Corporate, Fiscal and Real Estate. Raquel’s practice has developed over the years through representing both commercial companies and foreign investors, always adapting to the varied needs of each client.

  • Natacha Branquinho


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    Natacha has experience in the areas of Real Estate, Tax and Immigration Law. She holds a degree in Law from the Faculty of Law of the University of Porto. She also holds a Master in Business and Business Law from the Catholic University of Porto and a Postgraduate in Tax Law from the Institute of Economics, Financial and Tax Law, in Lisbon.

  • Gustavo Dias


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    Gustavo has a diversified professional experience in Immigration, Real Estate, Nationality and Residence matters, namely and specially with the Golden Visa program, having worked with hundreds of foreign Investors, from all over the world, and their varied investments in Portugal, giving legal assistance and helping them from the first day.

  • Caroline Pagel

    Immigration Manager

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    Caroline, originally from Brazil, relocated to Portugal in 2017. With a background in Real Estate, Immigration, and Nationality Law, she has spent over five years handling immigration cases in Portugal. She earned her law degree from the University of Vila Velha and completed her postgraduate studies in Civil Procedural Law at Vitória Law School. Additionally, Caroline holds a Master's degree in Political-Legal Sciences from the Faculty of Law at the University of Lisbon.

  • Miguel Montez Tabuado

    Real Estate Manager

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    Miguel, born in Portugal, has lived in Brazil. Educated in Economics and Management, blends expertise in real estate, finance, and crypto. As a Real Estate Agent, he enhanced international investor networks. Familiar with financial risk management and crypto business planning, he's a unique asset to moviinn’s relocation team, guaranteeing clients benefit from his diverse knowledge during their relocation and integration journey.

  • Gabriela Quevedo

    Relocation Manager

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    Gabriela, born in Chile, is a seasoned lawyer with expertise in tech law, immigration, and international investment. Her education includes postgraduate studies in legal tech and business. She is seasoned in providing insightful legal advice and has worked in roles such as project manager and business developer. Her understanding of legal strategies has contributed to project success and business growth.

  • Miguel Rocha

    Fiscal and Tax Lawyer

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  • Vitoria Valente

    Immigration Specialist

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    Vitoria was born in the Sate of São Paulo, Brazil. She is a well-educated lawyer, holding a degree from the Mackenzie University. Vitoria has specialized in several fields of law, including Commercial Law, Tax Law, Immigration Law, and Real Estate Law. She is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Economics and Public Policy. In October 2017, Vitoria moved to Lisbon, Portugal, leveraging her dual Brazilian-Portuguese citizenship. This decision was part of her commitment to expand her professional and academic horizons. Her diverse experiences have notably enhanced her practice in various legal sectors.

  • Rui Guedes de Quinhones

    EOR and Employment Specialist

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    Rui's career spans an impressive twenty years, during which he has masterminded numerous pioneering outsourcing projects across Portugal. His journey is marked by a deep understanding of the nation's economic landscape, social fabric, and professional dynamics, making him a formidable force in the industry. As an entrepreneur, Rui has ventured into diverse fields, showcasing his versatility and innovative spirit. His portfolio includes trailblazing projects in marketing, social business, executive search, and talent acquisition, each reflecting his knack for identifying and nurturing potential.

  • Daniel Rocha Cardoso

    Tax Expert

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    Daniel Rocha Cardoso, originally from Leiria, Portugal, is a graduate in Management with a specialization in taxation for both corporations and individuals. His career took an international turn when he lived and worked in Italy and Poland, experiences that significantly broadened his perspective. This international exposure proved instrumental in his ability to integrate accounting and taxation from both corporate and individual viewpoints. Daniel brings to the table approximately 8 years of professional experience in this specialized field.

Spain team

  • Gonzalo Saramago

    Senior Migration Adviser

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    Gonzalo, born in Lisbon, raised across Buenos Aires, Mexico DF and Madrid. Led international FDI Country Reports for international media outlets. For the last 4 years has been based between Portugal and Spain assisting individuals looking to relocate or invest in the Iberian Peninsula and providing full-fledged business incorporation services for companies setting up shop and relocating or bringing their teams.

  • Antón Vieito

    Lawyer and Business Inc. Specialist

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    Antón boasts over 8 years of experience across multiple legal domains, including Corporate, M&A, and Litigation. Antón has worked with top-ranked international firms both in Spain and abroad. Antón regularly advises commercial companies and foreign investors, with a particular emphasis on startups and tech companies.

  • Inga Agoshkova

    Global Immigration and Startup Lawyer

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    Inga Agoshkova is a Spanish lawyer, admitted to the Valencia Bar. She holds law degrees from two jurisdictions and a master's degree in Advocacy and International Business Law from IE University in Madrid. Additionally, she studied Economic Law at Sciences Po in Paris. Inga specializes in business law, assisting entrepreneurs and startups worldwide in establishing or relocating their businesses to Spain. She also provides advice on day-to-day legal operations, both in person at her offices in Valencia and Madrid, and online. Inga is fluent in Spanish, English, Russian, and French.

  • Silvia Diez Jordao

    Immigration and Citizenship Lawyer

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    With a restless spirit, Silvia entered the legal profession at the age of 30, balancing her studies at UNED with hands-on immigration work. Born in Madrid with Portuguese heritage, Silvia brings over 15 years of experience in Spanish immigration law. Silvia excels in crafting procedural strategies tailored to the personal needs of the clients, aligning them with the most suitable administrative procedures under Spanish regulations, all while considering a medium to long-term perspective.

  • Salvador Pastoriza

    Tax Lawyer

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    Salvador, born Spain, has an extensive background in tax law and EU law, acquired through studies across Europe, including in Belgium and Italy. He holds a PhD in European Tax Law. Salvador's experience in leading law firms such as Garrigues, combined with his teaching career at several Spanish universities, including the Complutense University, equips him with the expertise to address complex tax issues. He ensures Moviinn's clients receive the best possible integration process. Familiar with the needs of those seeking to realize their dream of living in another country, Salvador is an expert in the regime for displaced workers and provides essential tax guidance to facilitate their transition.

Global team

  • James Muscat

    Founder & CEO of Moviinn

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    James, Maltese born Australian from Melbourne living in Lisbon. Actively advocating for Global Mobility and FDi inbound to Portugal over the last 12 years. Has a background in Computer Science & Business Management. Has lived in 7 countries over 3 continents and speaks 7 languages. A serial entrepreneur that founded moviinn in 2017.

  • Sonia Fernandes

    Marketing Manager

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    Sonia, Portuguese-Canadian, holds a degree in Sociology from the UofT, and a Post-Graduate degree in Partnership Project Management. With over 20 years of experience in Marketing, Comms, and PR, Sonia has expertise in internationalizing businesses, country branding, and creating strategic partnerships. Has lived in seven countries across four continents, and has worked extensively with international stakeholders and the global customer.

  • Ana Meca

    Office Manager & HR

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    Ana is a Portuguese-Spanish citizen. Has a background in Hospitality Management and HR with over 20 years of experience in administrative  management. Holds a Post-graduation in Human Resources from the Catholic University of Lisbon. Experienced HR and Office Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the insurance industry. 

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+40 collaborators around the world

moviinn's team is diverse and has over 40 collaborators around the world. We thrive on bringing together people with expertise in moving abroad - most of them with first hand experience in the process.

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We're here to guide you before, during and after your journey. Everything you need to know about moving to Portugal and Spain is just one click away. Ready to take the first step?

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