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We've helped over 2,400 expats and their families find the right solution for their new lives in Portugal. Do you need help with visa applications, taxes or finding which city matches you and your family best? That's what moviinn is here for. To make your move smooth and seamless.

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  • Corporate transferee,format&rect=833,0,1667,1667&w=250&h=250

    You’re transferring as an employee of a company who are already registered or have a presence in Portugal.

    This sounds like me

    See how we helped Lena a corporate transferee move to Portugal.,format&rect=1177,0,1302,1667&w=250&h=320
    See expat story
  • Investor,format&rect=1093,0,3369,3369&w=250&h=250

    You're looking to gain access to investment opportunities in Portugal.

    This sounds like me

    See how we helped Patrick & Claire, investors move to Portugal.,format&rect=1684,0,3369,3369&w=250&h=250
    See expat story
  • Retiree,format

    You want to enjoy your retirement in Portugal.

    This sounds like me

    See how we helped Ann-Elise a retiree move to Portugal.,format&rect=770,0,2404,3173&w=250&h=330
    See expat story
  • Remote business owner or worker,format&rect=1665,0,3840,3840&w=250&h=250

    You’ll be working remotely and own your business or will be working remotely for someone else.

    This sounds like me

    See how we helped Peter & Christine, remote business owners move to Portugal.,format&rect=2479,0,3000,3840&w=250&h=320
    See expat story
  • Freelancer,format&rect=845,0,3615,3615&w=250&h=250

    You want to continue freelancing in Portugal.

    This sounds like me

    See how we helped Lina a freelancer move to Portugal.,format&rect=1446,0,3615,3615&w=250&h=250
    See expat story
  • Independent contractor,format&rect=889,0,3553,3553&w=250&h=250

    You already do contracting work and want to continue doing it from Portugal.

    This sounds like me

    See how we helped Josh an independent contractor move to Portugal.,format&rect=1421,0,3553,3553&w=250&h=250
    See expat story
  • Entrepreneur or business owner,format&rect=454,0,1667,1667&w=250&h=250

    You're planning to start a business or move your business to Portugal.

    This sounds like me

    See how we helped Dave an entrepreneur move to Portugal.,format&rect=833,0,1667,1667&w=250&h=250
    See expat story
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We have curated pages with content about Portugal and its main cities and regions, and the best options when considering to move or invest in the country. Start exploring now.


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Are you a private individual, a freelancer, an entrepreneur? Or perhaps you're a business owner looking to expand your company abroad. We know that each case is as unique as each person we meet, and that is why we have created a model that allows you to find all the services you need when moving abroad.

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Are you on the early stages of discovering the best place to live in Portugal? Our team has put together all you need to know about the opportunities that await you here, and the services we offer to make your moving experience smooth and stress free. Start exploring everything about Portugal now!

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We want to help you explore Portugal and figure out if this is the right place for you - whether you're starting a business or moving in search of a more balanced life. Our specialists are constantly researching and updating our curated information pages where you can find all you need to know about Portugal. Start learning every detail about Portugal here.

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moviinn is a relocation and integration platform for expats planning to move to or invest in Portugal. Our core team has lived abroad and has first-hand experience with the challenges of living in a new country.

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We're here to guide you before, during and after your journey. Everything you need to know about moving to Portugal is just one click away. Ready to take the first step?

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