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Expat Stories

We have put together these journey pages based on real stories of over 1500 people we helped along the way, we hope you can identify with some of them and let us help you start your own journey.

Smiling man holding his chin in a thoughtful pose.

Fresh start in Portugal, with an eye towards the future.

Josh: Quality of life and opportunities Europe can offer

A bald man in a suit posing with a smile

Moving a business from Israel to Portugal

Dave Leiderman: Expanding a business to Europe

Blond woman and dark hair man smiling down at the man's mobile phone

A couple with expertise in Real Estate

The Pearson's: the path to citizenship through investment

Couple holding hands, looking at each other and smiling

A more balanced life

Peter & Christine: Balance, success and personal growth in Portugal

Woman on the phone, pausing to smell a delicate flower blossom.

From wandering the world to settling down in Lisbon

Lina's Journey: Settling down with good prospects and a comfortable lifestyle

Woman with flowers at the beach

Feels like home: retiring in Portugal

Ann-Elise Smith: retiring on this sunny side of Europe

woman sitting on a chair and looking at her laptop, surrounded by vased plants

A leap of faith: moving to a new country alone

Oksana: A new life for a young professional from Belarus

Torre de Belém at sunset

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