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"I make no attempt to forecast the market - my efforts are devoted to finding undervalued securities." That's a valuable lesson imparted by the renowned investor Warren Buffett. If you're unsure of where to begin, Portugal provides an exceptional backdrop to apply this wisdom, as it presents numerous promising investment opportunities. This page aims to delve into the various investment option areas in Portugal, ranging from real estate and venture capital to start-ups and tourism. Whether you aspire to establish or expand your investment portfolio, Portugal stands as an ideal destination to pursue these goals.


Portugal ranks 6th in the list of the world's best countries to invest in


of the population in Portugal speak a second language

2150 +

Startups registered in Portugal


Portuguese Unicorns (Farfetch, OutSystems, Feedzai, Talkdesk, Remote, SWORD Health, Anchorage)


Porto is the most affordable city for students in Europe


Portugal has the second-highest rate of engineering graduates in Europe - Eurostat 2018


In Forbes' 2019 ranking of the best countries for doing business, Portugal is ranked 25th


In 2021 EF EPI (English Proficiency Index) worldwide international ranking, Portugal holds the 7th position

Source: US News

Types of Investment

Beachfront homes, five-star resorts, and charming old neighborhoods are just some of the options available on Portugal's active real estate market. Investing in real estate in Portugal can give you great long-term returns and Real Estate investors in Portugal can benefit from a wide array of incentives and advantages the country has to offer.

Investors are drawn to Portugal's robust market, which has recovered strongly from the 2008 financial crisis and has shown resilience in the face of the COVID-19 outbreak. Real estate prices in Portugal's big cities have risen steadily over the past several years, thanks to an influx of international buyers attracted by the country's low expenses of living and good quality of life.

In addition, Portugal's government has shown itself to be quite supportive of the private sector by enacting a variety of policies meant to lure investors and stimulate the economy. Together, the non-habitual tax regime and the Golden Visa program have attracted real estate investments worth billions of euros.

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Our services for Investment

Investing in Portugal is a great idea but comes with bureaucratic processes that can be challenging to navigate. Let our moviinn experts help you navigate the investment field in Portugal.

Common Questions about Investing in Portugal

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