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Understanding how a labor market works takes time and can be costly if you’re doing it on your own, as there are various factors involved when hiring in Portugal. Whether you are looking for an EOR (Employer of Record) to hire your employees in Portugal, or trying to understand how to set up your company in Portugal, we have you covered. If you are relocating and will be working in Portugal but keeping your job from a non-Portuguese company, this article is also for you. If you already have a basic understanding of your hiring or employment needs, go ahead and book a free consultation call with us so we can design a tailor-made plan for you that includes EOR, recruitment, hiring, payroll, HR, and team management services on the ground.


unemployment rate in Portugal as of October 2023


employment rate in Portugal as of second quarter of 2023


labor force participation rate in Portugal


job vacancy rate in Portugal as of June 2023


average earnings in Portugal for 2023


increase in active job postings (7,874) by June 2023


Compound Monthly Growth Rate (CMGR) for new tech job between March-June 2023


month-over-month increase in the number of active tech job postings

Source: Globaldata, OECD, INE, Eurostat


An overview of labor laws for hiring in Portugal


Working in Portugal: Employee rights and protection

Our services for Employment

If you're a business looking to navigate the complexities of hiring in Portugal, or an individual planning to relocate without leaving your current overseas employment behind, moviinn provides the essential services to ensure a smooth transition. Our expertise covers everything from recruitment, HR, and payroll management to facilitating your move and employment continuity in Portugal.

Common Questions about Employment in Portugal

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