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The opportunity to own a property in one of the world's oldest nations, where the weather is always pleasant and you're never far from the sea, is truly remarkable. Here you will find all the information you need to make an informed decision about moving to, or investing in, one of the most socially and culturally fascinating, low-cost European countries, all while being secure, conveniently accessible, and boasting a generally good quality of life.


residency permits were granted to foreigners in Portugal in the first quarter of 2022


of the houses sold in Portugal in 2021 were acquired by foreign buyers


of the houses sold in the second quarter of 2022 were bought by non-residents

80 +

different nationalities purchased a property in Lisbon in 2021


Average price per square meter in Lisbon's Downtown


Average Price per Square Meter in Porto's Downtown


Average Price per Square Meter in Portimão, Algarve


Average Price per Square Meter in Cascais' Downtown

Overview of Real Estate in Portugal


The challenge for renting in Portugal is due to the scarcity of available housing for the growing demand. The supply of rental homes has seen a notable decline, with a 30% decrease in the first quarter of 2023 compared to the same period in 2022. This phenomenon is particularly evident in 13 out of the 18 district capitals, where a reduction in available rental properties has been observed. This scarcity has put pressure on rental prices, resulting in significant increases over time. The median rental price per square meter was 13,4 euros at the end of February 2023. This upward trend is even more apparent when considering the quarterly variation, which reached 7,3%, and the annual variation, which reached 22,7%.

Portugal Residential Facts

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Average Renting Price/sqm


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Average annual rent appreciation since 2017



Renting offices in Portugal is a growing market, encompassing various cities across the country. Demand for office spaces has risen notably, reflecting a dynamic business environment. The co-working sector has also expanded, adapting to the changing needs of modern businesses. Portugal's attractiveness as a destination for office rentals is enhanced by its competitive prices compared to other European countries. Staying informed through reputable market reports can provide valuable insights into the ongoing trends in the industry.

Portugal Office Facts

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Average Renting Price/sqm



Renting in Portugal for retail businesses has rebounded since the pandemic, bolstered by the tourism industry bouncing back. Online retailers are entering physical spaces, embracing an omnichannel approach. Retailers are eager for high-quality locations in prime areas, surpassing available spaces. However, concerns about rising prices have made consumers cautious about spending. But despite inflation, the retail renting market in Portugal looks promising due to international retailers seeking presence, and affluent global consumers. In 2022, tourism-driven recovery led to new brands in Lisbon and Porto. In 2023, inflation's impact affected consumer spending and rent indexes, especially in shopping centers. Yet, retailers, especially in the luxury segment, remain proactive in seeking spaces.

Portugal Commercial Facts

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Average Renting Price/sqm


Process to Buy Property in Portugal


Real Estate in Portugal by city



Renting in Lisbon varies depending on the neighborhood and rental options available in the city's diverse areas. In Lisbon's city center, square meter prices range from €13 to €18,5, and it typically takes 2 to 3 months to rent a place. Surprisingly, just 19% of the current residential supply is available for rent, emphasizing the strong demand for rental properties and the competition that renters encounter when searching for suitable places to rent in Lisbon. This further solidifies Lisbon's status as a growing and dynamic residential rental market, appealing to both investors and tenants looking for housing in the Portuguese capital city. This growing market promises opportunities for those looking to invest in or find rental properties in Lisbon's diverse neighborhoods.

Lisbon Residential Facts

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Average Renting Price/sqm


Average annual rent appreciation since 2017


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